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    PT Jakarta Land Management


The success of the property development business depends heavily on the policy specified, such as the location of the property, the targeting of the market, the type and quality of the property product, the financial strategy, the marketing strategy, the after sales services, etc.

PT. Jakarta Land Management, with more than 30 years experience in the property business, offers sharing our knowledge and experience in the form of service packages as follows:


Consultancy & Research

  • We do studies about current property market.
  • Study on the feasibility of land use that will be used for property development.
  • Highest and best use study analysis of the best and highest use of a vacant land or land as vacant.
  • Other studies that accommodate your needs.


  • Leasing and Selling your property, units in the office building, apartments and retail
  • We are also ready to serve as the main agent of marketing , or
  • Co broke to share with other agencies

Project Management & Construction Management

  • Project management is an effort on an activity so that the purpose of the activity can be achieved efficiently and effectively. Effective in this case is where the results of the use of resources and activities in accordance with its objectives covering quality, cost, time
  • Construction management is one of our excellent service provided to coordinate and communicate the entire construction process.

Facility & Property Management

  • Building management and maintenance of buildings to provide added value to the property already built.
  • Managing tenant relationships to provide comfort and good communication between various parties
  • Plan and organize events and promotions to support sales and visits
  • Conduct financial and accounting through web-based digital mechanisms
  • General administration


  • Maintaining mechanical equipment. electrical building with preventive management method
  • Technical audit to keep the mechanical, electrical equipment in the building remains in good condition other than to know the conditions that may occur due to the age of the equipment